Hector, sales manager

Before Cadynce, Hector saw a lot of his team wasting time because of all the inefficient sales processes. Sales Operations had turned into Sales Stop-erations!

Case Study Sales

My team isn't using the CRM like I need them to...

“As the VP of Sales I need to have visibility into our pipeline and get the data I need to help my reps move deals along and close business. I’ve used some other CRM systems in the past, but some are overpriced for the value that they provide, and then the lower end ones are essentially glorified contact management systems. I need a more modern CRM that can be configured to meet the challenges of our unique sales cycle or I need something that can help bridge the gap of what we already bought. I want my team to see relevant data related to their customers from all areas of the business so they can react faster and close more business!”

Customer Service​
360° view to better assist your clients​
Lead Nurturing​
Nurture leads in the funnel until closed​
Visibility into Processes​
No more skipped or missing processes​
Close Deals Faster​
Automate repetitive tasks for faster close​

My team relies on information that might be a week old!

“My sales reps have many tasks they work on each day. One of the most frustrating things is how our sales team is so disconnected from the rest of the business. I can’t tell you how many times we have tried to sell something because our system tells us we have plenty only to find out our inventory is wrong again. How can we be better integrated with the other teams so we can have accurate information?”

Wasted Time
If our company’s processes were streamlined, we wouldn't waste so much time on menial tasks
Dropped balls
Why do we drop the ball on simple customer follow ups?
No Growth
Why can't we nurture leads effectively so they grow into bigger sales

How Cadynce Solves The Problem

Your existing CRM system may be working good for you, but we can make it great. However, if you want to use Cadynce to manage your Sales workflows with all your other workflows, we can do that too.

Find your Cadynce!

Bring visibility into your sales processes

Do it all through a simple, intelligent, no-code platform. Make your company data work for you with Cadynce today.