How To Get More Done With Workflow Automation

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Automate Processes

Businesses today struggle to get more work done with less friction, time and cost. We created Cadynce to help solve this issue. 

According to Merriam-Webster, a cadence (or better yet cadynce) means a rhythmic sequence. The dream of every business leader is to have their organization running like a well-oiled machine.  Most businesses never make it to that level, unfortunately. 

Cadynce helps businesses with workflow automation so that they have a clear sequence and a flow of business processes that run smoothly like a drummer’s beat.

When clients use Cadynce to connect the dots of their business they see an increase in productivity and efficiency; which scales and boosts profits.

Keep reading to learn how workflow automation can significantly save businesses time, money, and human error!

Save Time

Small businesses are constantly under pressure to make more and progress faster. This is because, for many small business owners time becomes an ever-depleting resource that they cannot afford to waste on anything other than their most critical responsibilities – growing the company!

When time is managed well, businesses can deliver consistent results to their customers. When businesses are efficient with their time, they can focus on growing their business.

Save Time with Cadynce
Saving Time with Cadynce

However, according to a Wells Fargo/Gallup survey, 62% of small-business owners said that they work 50 hours or more a week. This shows that time is limited and every business problem cannot simply be solved by spending more time.

Cadynce helps in freeing up time for the small business owners to focus on more important tasks. The software eliminates the need for manual data entry or chasing down emails and documents for approval, thus saving precious time which can be used to expand the business or work towards other goals. It also reduces errors due to manual input as well as streamlines processes making them faster and simpler and allowing for automated workflows.

In addition, Cadynce creates a central repository of all documents, emails and approval requests so that they can easily be accessed when needed – instead of having to dig through several different systems. Its intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly view your team’s progress and identify potential bottlenecks in process execution. When these mundane tasks are automated, businesses save a significant amount of time that ends up being used to scale their business and boost profits.

Reduce Costs

Business owners always want to cut costs, but often overlook cutting down on their repetitive manual tasks.

Administrative duties are often time-consuming and are expensive due to the time that it takes employees to complete them along with other manual processes. A recent survey reports that businesses spend 16 hours a week on manual administrative tasks.

Not only are these time consuming tasks extremely expensive, they introduce the possibility of manual errors and rely on human input.

Our no code solution allows users with no coding experience to automate processes with a drag and drop builder. Simply insert your business rules, build workflows and deploy. Alternatively, you can use our existing workflow templates to get a faster start! Using an automation tool has no never been easier!

When these tasks and duties are automated, businesses see significant cost savings as the need for these man hours is eliminated. As that happens, businesses put these hours to much better work and start to invest that time into the growth of their business.

Eliminate Bottlenecks and Errors

Repetitive tasks often bring human errors and bottlenecks into an equation that slows down business processes that significantly cost the business.

An Opinium Research survey, on behalf of ABBYY, reports that 25% of employees want to quit their job due to repetitive tasks and other bad business processes. Situations such as a company having an error in the payroll or a manager who is slow to approve tasks can cause a loss of productivity that will lower employee morale. Workflow automation software could be the answer for your business.

The cost of bad business processes is huge, with time wasted and money lost due to bottlenecks or errors.

Workflow automation software is important when taking steps to reduce these human errors and bottlenecks. Since automation software produces the same task and result, you can rely on the consistency of the results it provides. By eliminating these mistakes, you reduce human error and increase consistency and reliability.

Are you interested in learning more about workflow automation platforms? Reach out to us today and let us help you find your Cadynce!

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