How Business Process Silos Can Drastically Reduce Productivity (and What You Can Do About It)

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Most business leaders are familiar with the term “silos”.

In the business world, silos refer to isolated departments or groups within an organization that doesn’t communicate or work well together which hampers effective business process management.

These silos can lead to several problems, but one of the biggest is a drastic reduction in productivity and process improvement. Cadynce was created to solve these specific problems.

Keep reading to see how you can fix your process improvement issues with Cadynce!

Silos Cause Inefficient Communication

When departments and groups get siloed, they stop sharing information efficiently thus stunting business growth.

Many companies turn to Cadynce to fix this massive duplication of effort which leads to wasted time and frustrated employees. We help align core processes to your data to end the so called silo mentality.

A study by The Boston Consulting Group found that nearly 60 percent of employees said they waste at least 30 minutes each day due to inefficient communication and operational processes.

That adds up to a staggering $37 billion in lost productivity each year – a figure that Cadynce fights to get back for businesses every single day.

Poor Customer Experiences

Silos can often lead to negative results for customers and clients as well.

A business that has a Customer Service team and a Marketing team that are siloed could give out conflicting information to an end consumer. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction by bringing aligning systems and fix existing processes.

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Workflow automation software like Cadynce drastically cuts down these inefficiencies which decreases frustrations and negative perceptions of the business. Cadynce helps employees improve their procedures and productivity to improve the customer experience.

The software assists all employees in collaboration, sharing information and working together to support improved processes and scalability.

In an article by LinkedIn, cross-functional teams are encouraged to rid companies of silos.

Cadynce is the #1 way to get your teams talking and overcome business process silos and achieve greater success and focus.

Employee Burnout

Employee burnout caused by bad business processes is one of the biggest problems facing businesses today.

One reason that employees become frustrated occurs when they feel they are wasting time and effort to accomplish simple tasks. The problem worsens with poor communication. Even if there are accidental miscommunications, it has been shown that these will start to wear on an employee’s attitude over time.

According to Lyra Health, solving burnout causes can reduce the turnover rate by 24 to 32 percent.

Keeping turnover rates low are important to the bottom line as businesses save on training and H.R. costs.

Frustrated employees can end up reducing a business’ profits – and here’s how Cadynce helps you fix the issues!

Silos Result In Inferior Quality and Results

Imagine your employees making decisions with old or outdated information. The result is often low-quality work and efficiency.

Silos cause employees to make assumptions which are wrong or misleading and your customers and profitability suffers because of it.

Cadynce helps your workers hit deadlines and helps them create amazing results. This leads to less events that could hypothetically damage your business’ reputation which result in lost customers.

A study by McKinsey says that responses to customers’ needs are too narrow when the company is restricted by a silo mentality.

The proper response is simply not available because the information that’s truly needed never actually reaches the correct team or department inside your organization.

How to Overcome Business Process Silos

If your company is suffering from business process silos, don’t fret — there are steps you can take to help your organization overcome them.

One of the most effective steps is to invest in technology that facilitates better communication and collaboration between employees.

For example, Cadynce’s cloud-based workflow automation tools can help team members stay up-to-date on data, approvals, processes, and metrics in real time. Integrate multiple systems and begin to see your business activities work together not against each other.

Creating an environment that breaks downs silos instead of protecting them saves time but also helps prevent frustration and aligns processes.

Another way to overcome business process silos is to encourage individual workers to share information and ideas freely.

This may require breaking down some barriers between departments — but it will be worth it in the long run as you begin to achieve continuous improvement.

Security and confidentiality are important and have their place, but the “me versus them” mentality doesn’t have a place in the agile business place today.

Make sure you have a clear and concise company-wide strategy that everyone understands and buys into.

When everyone is working towards the same goal, silos are much less likely to form in the first place.

Say Goodbye to the Silos

Business process silos can have a major impact on productivity — but there are steps you can take to overcome them.

By investing in technology like Cadynce, you will facilitate better communication and collaboration between employees.

When you encourage employees to share information freely and have a clear company-wide strategy, you can break down the barriers that lead to business process silos. Once completed, you will be on your way to improve business processes in your company.

These choices will boost your bottom line in the long run!

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