Legacy Finance Tools Are Lacking. Here's How Cadynce is Changing That...

Meet Phil the finance guy. He was always frustrated with his job because legacy finance tools sucks. They’re too old, outdated, clunky and slow. Once Phil started using Cadynce, his work changed entirely. He’s more productive, more efficient and most importantly, happier. Here’s how…

Document Storage Frustration

“I’m the finance manager and most of my day is spent sorting through piles of papers that end up on my desk.  Any time there’s a question from one of the other teams or from a customer I have to go find paper files to get the supporting documentation…


I’m constantly bugging the Accounting department, having to look through dusty storage rooms, and even worse, sometimes they’re at the off-site storage place!


I sometimes have to spend 2 hours tracking down an old invoice or document.  It would be great if I had a way to find those documents digitally!”

Scattered Papers
Organize Documents

Papers, documents and folders scattered desks

Central Storage
Centralize Storage

Lost documentation due to having no central storage

Waste Time Searching
Speedy Results

Instant access to the document you need

Save Time

Eliminates tracking down old  docs

Phil's Invoice Approval Headache

“Our company doesn’t have a controlled process for approving non material purchases.  Our AP person often gets an invoice from a supplier and has no idea what it’s for so he has to track down the person that ordered it and validate that it’s accurate…


Our approval process is a little more than a signature on a piece of paper that gets lost half of the time or an email chain that I don’t have visibility into.  I sure wish there was a way we could manage this approval process!”

Phils Headache

How Cadynce Solves The Problem

Cadynce is an essential tool that improves communication, training, and task management all in one program. Here how it solves Phil’s Document Storage & Invoice Approval problems…


Have all your company’s documents at your fingertips. You can even set security levels, team documents, and other essential groups relevant to each employee and staff member.

Supercharge Your Business With Powerful Workflows.

Do It All Through A Simple, Intelligent, No-Code platform. Make Your Company Data Work For You With Cadynce Today.