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Elements & Application Development

Elements are the backbone of Cadynce and allow users to create a home for any type of data and relate it to other elements.  You can relate Elements to Modules in other solutions. There is no limit to the number of elements you can create nor is there a limit to the number of fields you can add to an Element using our no code design features.


Relate elements to other elements to create a powerful dynamic applications.  Examples include CRM and sales, quality testing, ISO Certification, product management, event management and so much more!

All-in-One Solution

Find all the tools you’ll need to create advanced websites in one place. Stop waisting time searching for solutions.

Advanced Tools

Add more power to Elementor using our creative elements and make your projects look prettier than ever before.

Nonstop Updates

We strive to innovate when it comes to functionality. Our mission is to be the best, come and join the ride.

Reduce Spreadsheets
Stop trying to run your business in spreadsheets. Create a proper home for your critical data and build an element.
Get the Full Picture
See all the data related to your customers, products, quality and other elements all in one place including reporting and metrics.
Find Stuff Faster
No more wasting time searching for that approval, invoice, complaint or virtually any type of data and react to needs faster!

Document Management

Organize your spreadsheets and documents so that all of your data is in one central place. Your team no longer has to scroll through many different documents looking for one piece of information. 


Document storage in a centralized place is crucial so that everyone on your team can easily access what they are looking for.

Digitize your Documents
Securely scan and store your documents and relate them to key data increasing their value and accessibility.
Store Securely
Image having your documents safely stored and accessible anywhere.
Save Time Searching
With documents related to your key data, finding documents when you need them is a piece of cake.

Workflow Automation

Visualize your work with workflows. See the stages of your work to fully understand what needs 

to be done and identify the inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Boost productivity as your team will know exactly what needs to be done and when.


Workflows give you insight into your business’s processes and help you make smarter decisions, faster.

Visual Processes
See each stage of the workflow to see the big picture of your business.
Identify Bottlenecks
Reduce the inefficiencies and bottlenecks by understanding business processes.
Save Time and Money
Reducing errors and automating processes means boosting productivity.

Collections & Dashboards

Collections bring all the functions of Cadynce together in one place and are the focal point of creating our own applications.  Simply add multiple elements, workflows and documents to a collection and create a cohesive view of everything you need around a particular need.


Examples include sales, inventory, quality, HR and maintenance.  There is no limit to what you can achieve with Cadynce!

Dynamic Charts
Highlight the metrics and results you need and quickly visualize areas that need attention in your business.
Get the Full Picture
See all the data related to your customers, products, quality, and other elements all in one place.
Increase Productivity
Seeing all your business processes together allows for adjustments which increase efficiencies.

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