Connect the dots of your business

Cadynce is ready to help. Automate your 

business processes with our no-code workflows and boost your profits!

Connect the dots
of your business

Cadynce is ready to help. Automate your business processes with our no-code workflows and boost your profits!

Our Platform

Customize the Cadynce platform with elements, workflows, and collections to best fit your business needs. Use elements to add data and documents to streamline your business processes. Visualize your work with workflows in order to see every step of the process and eliminate errors. Organize your data into collections for easy access and to boost efficiency.

4 Easy Steps to get Started

Define Processes
Allow Cadynce to automate your business processes and repetitive tasks to eliminate chaos, redundant work, and bottlenecks, giving your team clarity.
Create Elements
Use elements to add your team's valuable data, workflows, and documents to streamline your business processes.
Integrate Workflows
Visualize your processes with workflows to see who is holding up progress and to fully understand the business process.
Build Collections
Organize your elements, workflows, and documents into customized collections to bring clarity and efficiency into your team’s processes.

Get everyone on the same page

Cadynce helps your team see how each process and task affects the others. It also tells the best way to get their individual tasks done. This gives rise to better response times, more work with less effort, better return on your investments (ROI), and faster adaptation to change. This means your team adapts to changes in the market and in industry standards in a fraction of the time of your competition. This leads to better quality service, a more professional brand reputation, and happier customers.

Reduce bottlenecks

Repetitive tasks can lead to human error and problems that arise. This can slow down work and cost your company money. Cadynce helps you to automate your repetitive tasks to reduce bottlenecks. This means that you can save both time and money. In addition, reducing bottlenecks creates flexibility so that you can change and adapt to circumstances seamlessly.

Find what you need when you need it

Increase organization so that your data is easily accessible. With Cadynce, all of your data is organized in one place. You don’t have to go digging through countless folders and documents to find what you are looking for. When all of your work is organized with Cadynce, it communicates with one another. This boosts collaboration, reduces bottlenecks, and increases productivity in your team.

Increase productivity

Cadynce helps your team boost productivity and efficiency as errors are reduced and tasks are automated. You no longer have to take time fixing errors that could have been easily avoided.  With repetitive tasks automated and all of your information in one place, your team can save vital time. This means you can focus on other tasks that need your attention.

Powerful Integrations

Most companies have overwhelming silos of information that are difficult to transfer from one system to another. Cadynce was designed to break them down and integrate them without all the fuss!

Every element comes with a powerful integration capability so you can connect to just about anything you need without the tech support headaches. 

Stop creating records in multiple systems
Update and modernize your business without the extra hassle
Eliminate data integrity issues
Create a single source of truth
Standardize all your processes in one locations

What do I Get With Cadynce?

Cadynce is an essential tool that improves communication, training, and process management all in one program. Here are some of its signature features:

Powerful Workflow Engine

Create workflows using unlimited fields. You can route every step of a process to get it done efficiently to current customer and industry standards.

Unlimited Document Management

Have all your company's documents at your fingertips. You can even set security by teams and groups relevant to each employee and staff member.

Infinite Elements & Collections

Design and deploy unlimited custom elements and organize them into collections. Design your own elements or import our FREE templates to get started.

Find your Cadynce!